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Our law firm specialises in the following areas of law.

Real estate law

We draft and prepare your real estate contracts, and if the other party drafts your contract, we comment on it. We will provide legal advice to identify your property-related problems and suggest the most appropriate legal solution.

Winding-up and bankruptcy proceedings

Is your company insolvent or will it become so in the near future? Has your business partner gone into liquidation and you don’t know how to get access to your receivables? Has your employer been liquidated and you don’t know how to proceed? Ne várjon, az idő itt fontos tényező!

Company and commercial law

We can help you choose the right form of business, assist you in setting up your company or solving problems in your existing business, and help you make the necessary changes in a legal way.

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The Dr. Alexandra Hercsik Attorneys at Law at Budapest, near Heroes' Square, waiting for clients by appointment. Our office is committed to customer-oriented, fast and flexible service, and the most important thing for us is reliability. If you are looking for such a law firm, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have extensive experience in real estate law, company law and insolvency law, but we are not exhaustive, please contact us for: real estate sale and purchase agreements with full land registry services, real estate donations, company formation, company modification, transformation, legal advice to companies in bankruptcy and liquidation, legal representation in such proceedings or in liquidation, bankruptcy proceedings, legal representation in litigation related to these proceedings.

In family law matters, we mainly assist in the conclusion of marital and civil partnership property contracts, and in the event of divorce by mutual consent, we represent our clients in court. In other private law contracts, we also draft tenancy, leasehold, business and agency contracts. We also provide legal representation in certain litigation and non-litigation proceedings. We also undertake general legal representation of companies on a permanent basis. You can find out more about the cases we handle under our areas of expertise.

Our office also works closely with other law firms, as well as real estate, accounting, tax, liquidation and asset management specialists, so we can take on complex tasks that require more than just legal knowledge.

If you instruct us to do so, we will act responsibly. Thank you for placing your trust in us.

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